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Design Outsourcing

Below is what we offer. Don't worry about choosing only one because these are our billing categories. When you outsource with us you get the full load out of resources, and they will be ready and available when ever you need them! Don't forget to contact us to get started.


We are code literate and we will adapt to your jurisdiction's regulations to give you designs that are appealing, practical, and sustainable. It's important to have a good functioning design, but the key for your company is to use an efficient and experienced designer to protect your bottom line.


Whether you run a small firm and your bread and butter is occupancy permits, or you're a residential architect and prefer to keep things two dimensional. We are ready to plug into your workflow and support you. Our preferred programs are SketchUp and AutoCAD.If you use a different software suite let us know! We would love to work with you. 


Sometimes a bit of flair is needed to win the project or to impress the client once the project is won. We offer  an entire suite of professional representation styles that range from renderings and illustrations, to sketches and design boards. Let us bring the presentation home for your team. Think of us when it is time to make a big impression. 

BIM/3D Modeling

Modeling is a balancing act. Every project needs the right amount of information, an extensive library, and an efficient modeler to keep the team flowing smoothly. That is what we focus on when we support your team. Our preferred programs for modeling are SketchUp and  Revit. Again, If you use a different software suite let us know! We would love to work with you. 

Specification Writing

If your not excited about writing specs let us do it! We'll use the specification body of your choice or compose them from scratch. We understand the key to great spec writing is an understanding of  suppliers that are local to the project site as well as a firm understanding of your design intent. We will enable your team to focus on the project let us handle the minor details.

Assessment Reports

Don't overlook the support we provide for assessments. A building assessment can be time consuming and cumbersome to type. If you have more important things to do leave this part of the project to us! We combine clear graphic representation with concise copyrighting to deliver an excellent report. The best part about this is all we need from you are your field notes and pictures. We'll elaborate and expound as needed to get the intention across.  

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