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The GreensKeeper™ Series gives you what you need to grow longer and better, while preserving the utility of a trusted shed. The price includes installation along with full roof and floor systems. It comes equiped with a sturdy 30" man door and a pair of 30" doors on its endwalls  get what you need in and out with ease. The pair of 3 ft. W x 6 ft. H doors placed on the building's side wall provide a large opening to safely move any equipment in and out of the building, while the two, 8 in. H x 16 in. W wall vents allow for air flow throughout the building. The no-worry, heavy-duty roof is finished with 25-year aluminum and safe to use with rainwater catchment systems. Stay in control with a GreensKeeper™ Nursery Shed by Sav'Ayn.


  • Building exterior is not painted.
  • Heavy duty floor system included with 3/4 in. interlocking floor decking and aluminum threshold at door
  • 2 x 4 wall framing and treated LP (louisiana pacific) SmartSide siding and trim with manufacturers 50-year limited warranty
  • Precision-cut rafters, 7/16 in. roof decking, roofing felt and 25-year aluminum
  • Customer responsible for clean and level installation site.
  • Confirmation call within 48-72 hours to review order and schedule installation
  • Typical installation of building within 21-28 days of order
  • Purchase is non-refundable once installed

Nursery GreensKeeper™ Series

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